In the Footsteps of Kodály

The world is singing!

Join us on 15 December, 2017 (Friday) at 6 p.m. CET / Hungarian time to our initiative called “The world is singing!” 

Let’s gather as many people as possible, take part individually or with your choir. This way we will have people from all around the world singing folksongs collected by Zoltán Kodály Röpülj páva and A juhász.

On 15 December at the Messzi István Sportcsarnok (István Messzi Sports Arena) in Kecskemét we host the Award Ceremony for the winners of our In the Footsteps of Kodály Competition. So that day more than 1000 young people and adults will sing together with you.

The main conductor of the event will be Mr. László Durányik. You can follow him and all the singers in Kecskemét live on our website. This enables you, though being far from each other, to sing together with people in Kecskemét, and with all the others joining us from all around the world.

There is also a prize to attract you: a registered, participating choir and a registered, participating individual will win a summer holiday week in Parádfürdő, at the Youth Camp of Hírös Agóra.

To join us, you should:
  • Register on this site, and learn the two folksongs mentioned above. You can find the score on our here.
  • On 15 December, 2017 at 6 p.m. CET / Hungarian time follow our live webcast and sing with us. Record a video, about your performance and send it to us to the Énekel a világ YouTube channel. (Instructions will be sent in an email after registration.)
  • You can have a Facebook Live event too, but you are required to upload your recorded performance to the Énekel a világ YouTube channel in this case as well.

Let’s sing together!


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Location of the singing:
Number of the chorus:
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